Custom sports whiteboards

MiPizarraDeportiva.com customize whiteboards for all types of sports . Our whiteboards are popular among league coaches ACB, LEB and lower leagues in basketball and in other European countries.

  • Custom whiteboards for basketball.
  • Custom whiteboards for futsal.
  • Custom whiteboards for darts.
  • And custom whiteboards for other sports.


MiPizarraDeportiva.com is dedicated to customizing whiteboards for all kind of sports using common water markers that can be cleaned and reused.

The triple system is a special laminate that we use since 2002, provides durability and perfect whiteness for such uses. All whiteboards have built pen and pen holder regardless of their size.

Currently our whiteboards are used in Spain basket league ACB and LEB as well ass schools and particulars for coaches and fans of various sports.

The most sold are whiteboards of 27cm x 37 cm commonly used in games by the coaches, but is implementing a lot in the locker room whiteboards of 118cm x 180cm which can be fixed or mobile.

We can customize any sport whiteboard in one piece up to 240cm x 120cm at value prices. We manufacture in Spain and have been working under another name such materials for over nine years.

We hope to satisfy your needs.